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Meet the Team

Introducing the "Dream Team", the brains behind the campaign. We are working out together to share our experiences and our passion of the Tahitian culture, music and dance. We are passionately commited to excellence and we believe this is the force behind our success.

Matani Kainuku

Chief Executive/Organizer

I am the leader ​of the Dance Group NONAHERE. We are triple winner of Heiva i Tahiti in 2006, 2007, 2008. Today, i have been a judge in the Hura Taiparu since 2004, Judge of Heiva I Tahiti in 2009, 2015 and president of Heiva I Tahiti in 2016. Devoted to the training of Instructors of 'Ori Tahiti in Tahiti and internationally (Mexico, USA, Europe), i decided in 2016 to create the concept of the Heiva International. I am convinced that Culture is one of the keys to the economic development of French Polynesia. I live my passion, together and as family, with my wife MJ and my two boys. Together we love discovery and travel. I am a Professor by trade. I love reading, arts, medecine, the science of education, politics, foreign affairs, neurosciences, charities and i like combating poverty. I admire the spirit of performance, innovation and especially Creation.

  1. Marie-Jeanne Kainuku
    Executive Producer Originally from the island of Tahiti, I have been in love with the Tahitian dance for a few years, thanks to my husband. I practice this love of 'Ori Tahiti, with great pleasure. Together with my husband, we have 2 adorable boys. I love my family, my parents, prayer, vacations, travel, shopping and good restaurants. I am a native speaker of Tahitian languages. Though I learned French at school, I remain attached to my languages and Polynesian roots. I love art of the dance and appreciate its detail, as I am a teacher/instructor. This has been a way for me to help preserve our traditional languages. I have participated in many conferences and seminars/workshops in Europe, USA and Mexico on the 'Ori Tahiti, in order to share the Tahitian culture. And, today, I remain in love with my country and my family.
  2. Steve Rivera
    Executive Producer / International liaison Hello, Iaorana, Aloha, Talofa, Kia Ora. Born and raised in sunny California. I joined my first dance group at the age of 11 and since then my life changed forever. In the 30 years that followed, Polynesian dance and culture would consume me and my life. I have helped, traveled, performed, filmed with, and choreographed for many groups in the United States, Mexico and Tahiti. I have had the honor to have been taught by some of the best instructors in the US. and some "legends" in "'Ori Tahiti" in Tahiti. I am known in Tahiti as "Amerikaina" (American/Tahitian) and strive to live up that reputation. Together with my beautiful Tahitian wife Moenau Rivera, we have two awesome and equally beautiful girls . We own and operate "Porinetia Adventures" travel agency. Promoting the South Pacific islands is our priority and specialty. I am proud to be a partner and Executive Producer/International liaison of the heiva International and promise to do my part in giving back to Tahiti what it has given me by making this event the biggest promotion of the 'Ori Tahiti WORLDWIDE.
  3. Mahana Teuira
    Accounting Manager My name is Mahana TEUIRA. I am an accountant by profession. Originally from Tahiti, I have danced the 'Ori Tahiti since my earliest childhood and bathed in its music. I am a dancer of the group NONAHERE since its beginnings and I am very proud to be part of it with all my family. When I was offered the Heiva International project, I jumped at the opportunity because it is a way to combine my skills and live my passions with other enthusiasts like me.
  4. Moenau Rivera
    Sales & Marketing Manager I am Moenau, originally from the beautiful island of Tahiti, I was raised and born there and grew up in Mahina/Papenoo. I currently live in Garden Grove, California with my husband Steve and my two beautiful daugthers (Nanihi & Moehiti). In 2001, I worked for Air Tahiti Nui (To Tatou Manureva) as a flight attendant and then in the Sales & Commercial department in Papeete. In 2006, i moved to the U.S.A and I went back to school to study "Travel & Tourism" and I became a specialist and I just recently obtained my CTA diploma (which stands for Certification Travel Associate) I love Music, films, books, singing, Spiritual meditation with God and mostly Traveling. I am a travel professional and a lover of the Polynesian Culture and this is why i am very excited to be part of the Heiva International Team and work together to promote our "Fenua", our culture to the world, exchange and experience memorable moments.
  5. Media/Audio/Video Manager
  6. Hititea Pai
    Accounting Assistant Born in Tahiti, my name is Hititea, which means "The Rising Sun" in our Tahitian language. I love music, technology and the "Tari Parau'. I am a beginner musician for the NONAHERE group but an accountant by profession. As an assistant accountant for this beautiful and exciting adventure of the HEIVA INTERNATIONAL 2018, I follow up on all budgets for the event. I love my job and I know how to put my skills to work for this event. I am very glad to work on this team together, to promote our magnificent Fenua.
  7. Justine Restelli
    Event coordinator I am Justine Restelli. I was born and raised in Tahiti. It has been 20 years since I moved into the world o Tahitian dance, through schools and groups. I have even created a costume and services company (Tahiti Ori Shop) dedicated to those actively involved in and enthusiasts of the 'Ori Tahiti. I had the chance to participate 8 times in the Heiva I Tahiti and the prospect of opening this type of experience and challenge to the dancers of 'Ori Tahiti of the world seems great to me. Being able to share it with them by being at their side is exciting and intense. That is why I have decided t be part of this great adventure by being a member of the organizing committee.
  8. Media/Audio/Video Assistant
  9. Operations Coordinator
  10. Vaite Campioli
    Visual & Art Director My name is Vaite Campioli but my friends call me "LaVieEnMauve". Born in Tahiti, 32 years ago, I grew up there and did all my early schooling there. For 8 years, I studied in Paris at the "Ecole Superieur d'Art Graphique and School of Visual Communication in order to obtain my diploma as Artistic Director. Today, I am a freelancer and create logos, posters, flyers, banners, packaging, goodies, etc... I am especially attached to my culture, thanks to my two passions: 'Ori Tahiti, within the group Hei Tahiti and my advertising work for schools and dance groups all over the world: Tahiti, Japan, Paris, USA, Mexico... I have the chance to share these passions in a complementary way, with the love of my live Sven Janssen (Dancer and illustrator of Polynesian motifs). After realizing hundreds of projects together, we are happy to participate in the Heiva International. And, as part of "the Team" we are ready to take up the challenge.
  11. Hauarii Yun
    Hauarii Yun Competition Stage Coordinator
  12. Mahilani Teuira
    Competition Back-Stage Coordinator

Executive Producer

Executive Producer/International liaison

Accounting Manager

Media/Audio/Video Manager

Accounting Assistant

Sales & Marketing Manager

Event Coordinator

Media/Audio/Video Assistant

Operations Coordinator

Visual communication/Art Director

Competition Stage Coordinator

Competition Back-Stage Coordinator

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